2014/02/04 Dmitri Petrov (1947 – 2014)
ICFO mourns the loss of a great colleague and friend.
2013/07/12 Congratulations to new ICFO PhD Graduate
Dr. Mónica Marro graduated with a thesis on statistical analysis and plasmonic effects to extend the use of Raman Spectroscoy in biochemistry.
2012/11/05 Congratulations to New ICFO PhD Graduate
Dr. Saurabh Raj successfully defended his thesis on combining microrheology and Raman spectroscopy to study the mechanochemistry of single cells and single biomolecules.
2012/04/23 Raman Spectroscopy for Cancer Research
Monica Marro and Dmitri Petrov collaborate with IDIBELL on a study on prevention of metastasis recently published in Oncogene.
2011/08/24 Summer Fellows Research
ICFO Summer Fellow Pau Mestres and Dmitri Petrov report on dynamics of living cells in the European Biophysical Journal.
2011/08/08 UPC Thesis Excellence Award
Dr. Giovanni Volpe awarded for a thesis on novel applications of photonic force microscopy supervised by Prof. Petrov.
2010/11/17 Hungarian Scientific Award
Dr. Stefan Balint, former PhD student at the group led by Prof. Dmitri Petrov, awarded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
2010/06/09 ICFO on APL Cover
Research led by Prof. Dmitri Petrov on DNA detection using Raman light on the cover of Applied Physics Letters.
2010/03/03 ICFO 2009 PhD Awards
Dr. Giovanni Volpe distinguished by the first edition of the ICFO PhD-Thesis Awards.
2009/11/09 Photonics 4 Life at ICFO
Third Scientific Meeting of Photonics for Life Network of Excellence.
2009/10/02 ICFO in Physical Review Focus
Force exerted by the emission of light was successfully measured by a team led by Prof. Dmitri Petrov.
2009/01/21 Stretching Blood Cells Releases Oxygen
Optical tweezers and Raman spectroscopy applied to red blood cells by Prof. Petrov’s group in the cover ofBiophysical Journal.
2008/10/23 ICFO Congratulates a New PhD Graduate
Dr. Giovanni Volpe obtained his Doctoral Degree with a project on novel applications of photonic force microscopy supervised by Prof. Dmitri Petrov.
2008/10/23 PhD Thesis Defense
GIOVANNI VOLPE 'Novel Applications of Photonic Force Microscopy’
Bio Photonics-Optical tweezers
ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences
2008/08/01 Tweezers’ Soft Grip
ICFO paper on stochastic resonant damping in Nature Physics’ research highlights.
2008/07/22 Green Brains and Ultracomputers
A story on sustainable information technology and another on human brain-like computational power win ICFO Visionary Thinkers Awards 2008.
2008/03/16 ICFO's paper becomes reference publication
Prof. Petrov's review on Raman spectroscopy of optically trapped particles is the most downloaded paper from the Journal of Optics special issue on Optical Micromanipulation.
2008/03/11 A movie about ICFO research
Satish Rao explains how to use a laser to study cancer cells in a short movie of the series UPC Young Researchers.
2007/05/15 The MIT Technology Review highlights ICFO research
The prestigious magazine features an article about Spain’s Biotech activities
2007/05/01 ICFO student finalist of the OSA- New Focus/Bookham Student Award 2007
Giovanni Volpe has been selected as one of the seven finalists for his work on molecular scale torque detection
2007/01/04 ICFO’s optical tweezers in El PAIS
The newspaper El Pais features research on a new technique to detect molecule-scale torque carried out at ICFO
2006/12/12 ICFO in Physics Focus
Giovanni Volpe and Prof. Dmitri Petrov demonstrate a new technique to detect molecule-scale torque
2006/10/06 ICFO research highlighted by Analytical Chemistry
The dynamics of cells growth observed in Prof Petrov’s group by using optical tweezers
2006/07/03 ICFO researchers measure the plasmonic push
An important advance in the ultra-accurate manipulation of nano-objects with light, achieved at ICFO
2005/12/21 ICFO research featured in 'Optics in 2005'
Research carried out by ICFO researchers in the field of biophotonics featured by Optics and Photonics News in the annual selection 'Optics in 2005'.
2005/07/03 People for science
Dr. Caitriona Creely is one of the scientists who works at ICFO to broaden the knowledge in Photonics technology
2005/05/31 Prof. Dmitri Petrov's group work on single cells highlighted in 'Biophotonics International'
The magazine dedicates an article to the Optical trapping and Raman spectroscopy technique to monitor kinetic processes in living cells in real time
2005/03/17 Shedding light on living cells
Research carried out by Prof. Dmitri Petrov's group, in Catalonia Today
The NEST European project members meet at ICFO to report the first six months results on twezeer technology
2004/07/01 Scientists from seven countries collaborate in NEST-European project to broaden tweezer technology
ICFO’s Nanophotonics group investigate how optical traps can be formed on a nanometer scale