A Magician of the Light

Dmitry “Dima” Petrov, according to his son Andrei, had a passion for travel and physics — but above all for physics. He was born in the Russian city of Irkutsk, in what was then the USSR, where he grew up and years later graduated from university. His passion for the study of light matter interactions led him to join the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science in Novosibirsk, where he earned his PhD in 1970 and began building his scientific career, eventually reaching the position of the head of laboratory.

At the beginning of the 90's, after the collapse of the USSR, his two passions, travel and science, converged when he moved to Recife, Brazil, to the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, where he made great advances in the study of nonlinear optical properties of surfaces. Later, during a 2 year sabbatical from his work in Brazil, he traveled to Barcelona to work in the young research group at the UPC recently created by Professor Lluis Torner. Petrov brought with him expertise and characteristics of researchers trained in the age of legendary scientific advancements in the Soviet Union. When his sabbatical ran out, Dima returned to Recife where he continued the research he had begun in Barcelona.

When the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) was born in 2002, Lluis Torner, ICFO's founding director, hired Petrov to lead one of the research groups at the new institute. With the support of ICREA, than also a new entity which aimed and still aims to attract top international scientists to Catalan research institutes, Petrov became part of a pioneering group of researchers to accept the formidable challenge of building a unique research center in Barcelona with a vocation for global leadership. Dima and his wife Alla made Barcelona their home and embarked on the new adventure that he recently reminisced as being “the happiest years of my life, full of illusions and hopes.”

The research which Petrov's group conducted centered on one of the most surprising application of laser light: its capacity to trap and move small objects, such as cells and parts of cells, without causing them harm, using ultra-delicate optical tweezers. One of the most fascinating and important applications of these optical tweezers consists in delicately grasping live cells in order to visualize in details the way in which the cellular membrane evolves with age or desease.

For his direct collaborators, Dima was a master, firmly grounded in his passion for his research. He possessed a vast arsenal of “tricks” known only to researchers from the old school, trained in the rigor of those laboratories where creativity and a gift for finding solutions with only the resources at hand was the norm. Last Monday, February 3, ICFO lost a great friend and colleague. Not long before his death, when the institute he helped to build appeared on a leading position in the international ranking for physics institutes, Dima expressed his deep satisfaction in having contributed to an important and far-reaching project and confided that he believed the ICFO's best days are still to come. Dima left an important legacy in a land that, without renouncing his proud Siberian roots, hes definitively become his own.

Brook Hardwick,
Obituary in La Vanguardia • February 12, 2014

It's a great honor to speak today in Dima's memorial service. I am talking on behalf of many people to celebrate Dima's too short but remarkable life, and so to convey our love and support to his wife Alla, to his son Andrei and to his whole family.

I am talking on behalf of all ICFOnians, including those who work at ICFO today and many who moved on to work somewhere else. I am also talking on behalf of many friend and colleagues from around the world who sent condolences and sympathies. We received messages from the US, Russia, Italy, France, Israel, Romania, China, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and so on and so forth. We received many from Brazil, a country where Dima and Alla lived for a few years and where they have many, many friend. I am talking on behalf of Minister Mas-Colell, who sends condolences, on behalf of the members of the Board of Trustees, and especially on behalf of all students who studied with Dima at ICFO, including those who finished a while ago and so cannot be here today, such as Giovanni, Satish, Caitriona, GP, and all the others who had the privilege to work with Dima.

Dima was a phenomenon colleague. I met him first in '96, when he came to Barcelona. One of the first things I remember him saying was “I am from Siberia” with a soft a nice voice, spoken from two meters high. He felt very proud of his origins.

Dima spent a sabbatical in our group at the UPC. We learned a lot from him. Hi did several very nice experiments on optical solutions and vortices with Jordi Martorell, Silvia Carrasco, Gabriel Molina and Juan Perez, and some of the corresponding papers are now classics. He knew a lot of experimental tricks. He proudly used to say that he learnt all these tricks out of necessity — that having too much money for researchers is not good because it weakens creativity — a wise opinion that I believe he kept to his last days.

After the sabbatical, Alla and Dima moved to Brazil and then in 2002 when ICFO was born we managed to get him back as one of our first ICFO pioneers. He has been a terrific colleague ever since. During his tenure at ICFO, he always provided advice when we were in need of it.

When ICFO was young and fragile, Dima was always there by my side. As you know, the saying goes, “Friend stick together through all kinds of weather.” This certainly applied, fully, to Dima.

I believe that he worked at what he loved. He worked hard and I believe that he enjoyed it a lot. Despite the toughness of the disease he endured during these last years, Dima remained very active, working and sending emails until the very last day he was at home, always ready to fight for the joys of life.

Dima wrote to me two months ago, right after the Cellex reception, that ICFO's best days are ahead of us. We will do our best to honour this call. Dima's memory and teaching will certainly make us stronger and better.

He was a truly honest man who treasured happiness and friendships. To honour his legacy we will organize a scientific event about one of his favorite topics later in the year, and on the personal level we will try to keep forever in our lives Dima's spirit of joy, generosity, friendship and goodwill.

Professor Lluis Torner,
February 6, 2014,
Memorial Service, Castelldefels

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for coming here today, to pay a tribute to my father. We greatly appreciate the help and support that you offered to our family all the time, but especially in the last couple of months. And we're truly thankful to his ICFO colleagues: Lluis, Dolors, Raúl, and all others for their great sympathy and involvement during my father's final days and afterwards.

In fact, I believe that my dad would never expect so many people coming to his funerals. Neither do I, as he always wanted to keep a low profile, and didn't tell us much. And that's a true gift for him to see over 200 people in this room, and receive all those emails and phone calls from various folks telling us how important was Dmitry for their lives and for the professional carriers.

For my father, it was very important that his work and life is useful and brings practical results. This included teaching. That's why he liked to have so many students in his group. He enjoyed working with you, and was proud of your results. Moreover, his visited ICFO last time a few weeks ago, being in a pretty bad shape already, to make sure everything was going well, and take care of some specific problems.

There were two things in the live of my father that he likes the most: travel and physics. Of course, physics was more important. When I was a child, I remember my dad writing formulas and making posters. In elementary school, I helped him copy charts for his papers — with ink, on a light table. By the time I entered the high school, I was well aware of topics such as diffraction of light on acoustic surface waves. But also I started having some doubts: whether the science my father is doing makes enough practical sense. He was slightly upset by this, and told me about things like fiber optics transmission lines, CD disks, and such, where the property of light are essential. Then, one day I made an argument that I though was smart: I asked him if we can use diffraction or interference of light to milk cows... I don't remember the answer, but apparently it was no, as I decided not to be a physicist, and went to an engineering school.

I almost forgot this story, until approximately a couple of years ago when I learned that my father went to a milk farm somewhere in Spain, where his optical tweezers were used to analyze quality of milk. Surprisingly, 25 years later I've got an answer to my question: Yes, you can make beautiful science and get very practical results that make our lives better.

I think the opportunity to do interesting and meaningful things, and to be surrounded by friendly and intelligent people, was the main reason why he live here late his life, and spent so many years in Spain. Castelldefels truly become my parents' second home. That's why my dad graduated from courses of Catalonian last year and was proud of the certificate he received. He enjoyed life.

So, I wanted to thank you all, again, for making my father — happy — in this world.

Andrey Petrov
February 6, 2014,
Memorial Service, Castelldefels

Dmitry no era mi amigo, Dmitry era mi maestro. Fue nuestro maestro. A mí, me enseño un oficio. Ojalá algún día pueda tener la mitad de amor por la física y por las cosas pequeñas que él. Dmitry es una persona de una gran honestidad, un trabajador brillante e incansable. Un físico experimental, que disfrutaba del trabajo en el laboratorio más que de cualquier otra tarea de este oficio. Era fácil encontrarlo allí, concentrado montando lentes o apretando tornillos, siempre dispuesto a arreglar los errores de nuestros montajes. Los que hemos tenido la suerte de poder trabajar con él día a día todos estos años sabemos de su preocupación por que todos los miembros de su grupo desarrollasen una buena carrera científica. Dmitry es una persona especial, de las que ponen un sello personal en su grupo de trabajo. Queremos compartir con vosotros algunas de las razones por las que por las que trabajar con Dima era algo único.

La primera vez que vi a Dima fue hace 5 años en mi entrevista para hacer el doctorado con él. Sus primeras palabras hacia mi fueron, suavizando la expresión: “Iñaki, tu curriculum no vale nada”, y tras un interminable silencio continuó: “pero eres bienvenido”. Así, directo y sincero, sin medias tintas.

El silencio. Dmitry es un hombre de interminables silencios. La primera vez que fuimos juntos en coche, subimos, lo arrancó y automáticamente se encendió la radio. La apagó inmediatamente. Yo esperaba que empezase a discutir sobre algo, pero no. El silencio se prolongó hasta Cerdañola, media hora de silencio con la radio apagada.

Los silencios podían ser incluso más largos. De hecho, parecían ser un ritual de iniciación en su grupo. Al principio de nuestro trabajo aquí, todos hemos pasado largas horas viendo cómo él montaba nuestro setup. Cómo lo arreglaba. Largas horas observando y aprendiendo la paciencia y el cuidado necesarios para alinear correctamente un láser. En silencio. Ni una palabra en 4 horas, pero te estaba enseñando.

Todavía podían ser un poco más largos. Algunas veces, meditaba mucho su respuesta a algunos correos. No era raro recibir un “por supuesto que leí tu correo la semana pasada, pero he estado meditando sobre mi respuesta hasta hoy”. Una vez Édgar, le escribió un correo bastante largo, argumentando por qué deberíamos colgar una copia de uno de nuestros artículos en Arxiv. Después de una semana de espera, su respuesta fue la siguiente: NO. Hay dos formas de decir recibir un no de Dmitry. Una es “No”, y la otra es “No, no, no, and once again, no”.

El hecho de que sea parco en palabras no significa que haya sido un jefe inaccesible. De hecho, más bien todo lo contrario. Dmitry siempre se ha mostrado cercano, y ha estado disponible para ayudarnos en todo momento. Preocupado por nosotros, por nuestro futuro. Ante cualquier problema, por grande que pudiese parecer, él respondía: “sí sí, usted no se preocupe. Siéntese, siéntese”. Siempre nos hablamos de usted, pero creo que es debido a que no sabía tutear. Su castellano con acento mezcla de ruso y portugués nunca dejó de ser incomprensible para nosotros.

Nunca había saludo al principio de sus correos electrónicos. Un día le pregunté por qué no lo hacía. Desde entonces, siempre escribió hola al principio, y lo indicaba: “has visto Iñaki, he saludado”. Tampoco especificaban un asunto, por lo que recibir un correo suyo provocaba una reacción cargada de incertidumbre. No sabías lo que te esperaba.

En una ocasión, alguien se fue a casa, olvidándose la puerta del laboratorio abierta, las luces encendidas y el láser conectado. A la mañana siguiente, todos recibimos el siguiente correo, sin asunto:

“Today, at 9.00 the lab door was open, light on, and nobody inside. Who is responsible for this, please, come to my office for punishment”.

Quién fue el responsable y cuál fue el castigo, nunca lo supe.

En su laboratorio, las charlas no se improvisan, se recitan de memoria, como en el teatro de Moscú. Él estaría satisfecho de ver que traigo esto preparado, que no improviso. La improvisación solo viene con la práctica. Con el trabajo, trabajo duro, trabajo sincero. En su laboratorio, aunque no tuviéramos éxito con algunas de nuestras publicaciones, lo importante es trabajar, y si trabajas duro, Dima estará contigo para lo que necesites. Siempre supo reconocer y valorar el trabajo bien hecho. Muchas veces alagaba la contribución de algún miembro del grupo, con frases como “tu idea” o “Mónica, you are the best”.

No hay duda sobre cuál es el objeto mejor guardado de nuestro laboratorio. Dentro de un armario de su despacho, cerrado bajo llave, hay una caja, también cerrada con llave. Dentro, hay una caja de bombones. Esta caja está llena de filtros y lentes. Cada vez que queríamos usar uno, necesitábamos de su aprobación. Los filtros no estaban clasificados, pero él sabía perfectamente cuál era el que le estábamos pidiendo. “Este es, 532 nm paso alta”. Y ese era.

Es importante elegir bien qué es necesario utilizar en tu setup y que no. Por ejemplo, Antonio una vez se ausentó un día, y al volver, se encontró con su montaje, en el que había trabajado durante el último mes, completamente desmontado. El día anterior, Dmitry vio que tenía una pieza que él necesitaba y que era innecesaria para su setup. Lo desmontó hasta que tuvo acceso a ella, mientras reía y comentaba: “por favor, pieza de 2000€ totalmente innecesaria aquí Antonio”. Y siguió desmontando.

Dmitry llenó nuestro laboratorio de una gran calidad humana. Hace ahora un año, cuando el hijo de Raúl estaba tardando en nacer, y Raúl se ausentó más de lo esperado, Dmitry le dijo: “no te preocupes. Tengo 65 años, y sé qué es importante en la vida. Sí, hay que trabajar, pero también hay que vivir”.

Una vez David Artigas le dijo a Pau: “Dmitry es un mentor”. Y así es. Él me guio a mí y a muchos otros a afrontar los resultados experimentales negativos que usualmente se encuentran en ciencia.

La última reunión de grupo fue la pasada Navidad, cuando nos invitó a comer en su nueva casa, donde entramos a la 1 y de donde salimos a las 8 de la tarde. Gracias Alla por dejarnos abusar del caviar. De vuestra hospitalidad. Gracias.

Nos deja un compañero, un líder, pero por encima de todo, un maestro. Mi maestro. Un hombre siempre dispuesto a aprender, hasta el final. Por ejemplo, un día, de repente, empezó a hablarme en castellano. Entré en su despacho, y me dijo: “siéntese, siéntese”. ¿Por qué, Dmitry, por qué en castellano? Para aprender, Iñaki, para aprender. Y así era, aprendiendo, siempre en movimiento. Como nos dijo recientemente:

Unlike you all, any decision of the Editors cannot affect me very much since I have rights to live following the philosophical principle: "The motion is all, the final goal is nothing".

Ignacio Martinez, on behalf of Tweezers group
February 6, 2014,
Memorial Service, Castelldefels

"You Raise Me Up"

Monica Marro (voz)
Jesus Marro (Piano)
Memorial Service, Castelldefels

When I am down and, oh, my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.

There is no life - no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.

You raise me up to more than I can be.

Lluis Torner; February 3, 2014 11:19:39 PM

Dear ICFO leaders and friends,

It is with immense sadness that I have to inform you that our colleague and most esteemed friend Dima Petrov passed away an hour ago, after an extremely courageous struggle with a devastating illness. The details of the memorial services that will be held will be announced shortly.

Lluis Torner

Frank Koppens; February 3, 2014 11:36:51 PM

This is incredibly sad news. I wish strength to all the loved ones of Dima.



Valerio Pruneri; February 4, 2014 12:47:19 AM

Deeply sad and touching event. He had really demonstrated great strength in the way he was fighting the illness.

My deepest condolences to his family and close friends.


Maciej Lewenstein; February 4, 2014 8:42:20 AM

it is a very tragic news. My condolences to everyone close to him, ml

Majid Ebrahim; February 4, 2014 9:09:46 AM

Extremely sad and tragic news!

Deepest condolences to everyone!


From Morgan W. Mitchell; February 4, 2014 9:26:07 AM

Sad news indeed. Dima was an inspiring figure, and we will miss him.


Gerasimos Konstantatos; February 4, 2014 10:09:08 AM

devastating. science and society would benefit from people with such fighting skills, dignity and vision...a great loss for ICFO.

Lluis Torner; February 4, 2014 12:11:06 PM

Dear ICFOnians,

It is with immense sadness that I inform you that our colleague Prof. Dmitri Petrov passed away last night after an extremely courageous struggle with a devastating illness. Dima was one of the first Group Leaders to join ICFO in 2002. He was a wonderful person. We mourn the loss of a great colleague and friend.

Our sympathies go out to Dima’s family, especially his wife, Alla, and heir son and grandson.

The details of the memorial services that will be held will be announced soon.

Lluis Torner

Lluis Torner; February 4, 2014 11:24:15 PM

Dear friends,

Dima’s funeral will take place in Castelldefels on Thursday. We shall be able to set the exact time and place and all details by tomorrow morning, and then they will be communicated. Dolors is working hard to get everything set.

The service will be devoted to support Dima’s wife, as well as his son (who arrived today from Chicago) and relatives (who are expected to arrive tomorrow from the Novosibirsk area).

With your support, I suggest organizing a scientific activity on one of Dima’s favourite topics later in the year, to honour his legacy.

Thank you,
Lluis Torner

ICREA Director; 4 de febrero de 2014 14:19

Dear ICREAs,

With a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that ICREA Research Professor Dimitri Petrov passed away last night.

Dima was one of the earliest ICREAs, having joined us in 2002 to take a position at ICFO. He was a specialist in optical handling of cell systems and organelles and well known for his pioneering work with Raman spectroscopy and the measurement of in vivo biochemical changes within cells.

Above all, Dima was a great man. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Details of the memorial will be posted as they become available.

Jaume Bertranpetit

Victor Andreevich Vyslooukh Enisova; 2014-02-05 13:20 GMT-06:00

Dorogaia Alla,

V eti, pozalui, samye tiazkie dni tvoei zizni primi nashi s Leroi glubokie soboleznovania v sviazi s utratoi Dimy – tvoego vernogo sputnika na protiazenii mnogikh desiatiletii. My sokhranim o nem samuiu dobruiu pamiat’ kak ob iskrennem druge, hlebosol’nom hoziaine, interesnom sobesednike, intelligentnom cheloveke i vydaiuschemsia uchenom. V liuboi situacii, kotoraia mozet vozniknut’ v buduschem, rasschityvai, pozaluista, na nashu podderzku i pomosch’.


Victor, Lera

Ronaldo Melo Jr; 2014-02-16 7:45 GMT-06:00

Dear friend Alla,

Sorry for the delay in contact, but was not able to write to you. Could not finish the text, because the sadness brought tears and heart ache.

We are very sad. But we would say that apart from friend, Dima always had as an example of a person and scientist. Always our meetings, I remember our conversations, it makes us really miss. And now we were ready to find you two here in Barcelona. We already have a ticket purchased. We will arrive June 13. Because of what happened, do not know if you are still living in Barcelona, but if you still would like to see it.

May God give you strength to overcome this event.

Of your friends ever.

Ronaldo and Ana Paula

Lucio Acioli; Feb 13, 2014 at 1:46 PM

Dear Alla,

I am sorry for taking so long to write to you, but I only found out your email today. Both I and my wife Tuca were deeply saddened with the news of Dima's passing.

Both of you left an absolutely unanimous impression of very delicate, generous and nice people. Among the persons more directly related to Dima's work, including staff, students and professors he was very highly regarded as both very competent and at the same time nice to be with, which is not a usual combination. This is the same opinion youwill hear in the Physics Department and the Fundamental Chemistry Department.

I hope that this message finds you as well as the situation allows.

Um abraço apertado e muito carinhoso,
Lúcio e Tuca

Clélia Reis; 2014-02-13 9:43 GMT-06:00

Querida Alla,

Gustaria mucho de estar cerca de ti neste momento de tristeza.

Um fuerte abrazo para ti también.


Rubi Araujo; 2014-02-11 5:05 GMT-06:00

Alla,foi um grande susto que levei com a noticia do falecimento de Dimas.Estava em minha terra,sul do Brasil.Ate hoje,estou sem acreditar.Nao sabia que ele estava doente.Ele so deixou boas lembranças e a saudade.Quero saber de voce.Nao quero ficar sem suas noticias.Nao me abandone.Vamos continuar a vida com as boas lembranças.O que voce esta pensando para os proximos meses?Conte-me tudo.Fale-me de sua familia.

Celia ficou muito triste com a noticia.Ela manda um abraço

Beijos da amiga Rubi.

Владимир Глухих; 2014-02-10 5:21 GMT-06:00

Алла! Я только что узнал эту печальную весть о Диме.

Это горе не возможно выразить словами ...

Дай бог тебе силы выдержать всё.

Все мы, кто знал Диму скорбим

С уважением, Владимир Глухих

Сажин В.И.; 2014-02-10 0:17 GMT-06:00

Дорогая Алла,прими искренние соболезнования в связи со смертью Димы.

Очень жаль Диму, сколько ему пришлось страдать, сколько мучиться, бедный Дима. И сколько пришлось пережить тебе, Алла, с его болезнью и кончиной, да и сейчас переживать. Держись, крепись и дай Бог тебе силы.

Светлая память Диме в наших сердцах. Он был самым мудрым и добрым на нашем курсе, у него всегда можно было получить пооддержку в любых делах. Да и во всей дальнейшей жизни он был таким же добрым и надежным, замечательным и ярким человеком. Добрая память ему на Земле.

Твое письмо прочел с опозданием ,не был на работе несколько

дней (был небольшой отпуск) и вот только сегодня открыл почту и увидел твое трагическое сообщениею Держись, Алла, мы все желаем тебе сил и здоровья. Виктор.

Ольга Резник; 2014-02-08 12:54 GMT-06:00

Алла, только что зашла в почту.

Мне так бесконечно жаль.

Я Вас понимаю, хочется и обнять, и прижать к себе покрепче, и поддержать хоть чем-то.

Можете полностью на нас рассчитывать, мы готовы подъехать, если нужно.

Может можем чем-то помочь тут?

Мы обнимаем Вас и искренне сочувствуем.

Ваши москвичи.

Alexander Chaplik ; 2014-02-08 1:04 GMT-06:00

Дорогая Аллочка!

Невозможно поверить и нет слов . Мы с Галей потрясены этим ужасным известием. Абсолютно не ожидали,

были уверены, что худшее позади, хвалили между собой западную медицину. Последний раз обменялись с Димой новогодними поздравлениями, он кратко рассказал о своей текущей работе - очень интересной. У нас в ИФП в конце года традиционный семинар - самые яркие впечатления от уходящего года ( по 5 минут на выступление, записываются обычно человек 20-25). И в этот раз я рассказал там именно о диминой работе... Кто мог бы подумать?... Аллочка, примите наши с Галей самые искренние соболезнования и глубочайшее сочувствие.

Дима был очень светлым и добрым человеком, беззаветно преданным науке, типичным интеллигентом - хорошо знакомая мне порода людей. Очень горько, что такие люди уходят. Крепитесь, дорогая, и держитесь. Надо жить. Галя говорит, что Вы уедете теперь к детям, внуку. И правильно - не оставайтесь долго одна.

Если мы можем что-то сделать для Вас, ради Бога , пишите без стеснений. Обнимаем Вас,

Ваши Г.А. И А.В.

Cid B. de Araújo; Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 6:45 PM

Amiga Alla

Please accept our deepest condolences. We are very saddened to hear that

Dima passed away. We are very sorry for your loss.

Cid and Rubi

Gajendra Pratap Singh; Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 2:28 PM

Dear Alla,

I cannot stop crying since I have heard the news. He was very very dear to me and I will miss him forever. May God bless his soul and give strength to all the family in this difficult time!

No one in the world can match his excellent style of teaching and down-to-earth scientific leadership. His legacy will live on.

Kindly accept our most sincere condolences.

Best Regards,

Gajendra and family

Natalia Lebedeva; 2014-02-05 14:26 GMT-06:00

Дорогая моя, родная тетя Алла!

Хотя бы этим письмом хочу разделить с Вами горе, вспомнить и попрощаться с нашим дядей Димой.

Столько всего связано с Вами!

Дядя Дима был и останется частью моего детства, юности, семьи, и моим любимым дядей Димой.

Тетя Алла, пожалуйста, обращайтесь ко мне за помощью совершенно любого рода.

Может быть, через некоторое время, Вы захотите приехать к нам во Франкфурт или пожить у нас в Черногории. Я буду очень рада Вам.

Обнимаю Вас и думаю о Вас.


galina Borissevitch; Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 12:15 PM


Спасибо за фотографии, мы были очень рады снова увидеть ваши лица и вспомнить то короткое, но прекрасное время в Ресифе. Удивительно, но Дима совсем не изменился за те 15 лет, что мы не виделись. Именно таким мы его помним в лаборатории, которую он создал из ничего. Интересно, функционирует ли она сейчас...

Ведь специалистов такого или хотя бы близкого уровня там не было, да и сейчас нет, я думаю.

Извини, мы тоже не сможем прилететь на похороны, но будем помнить Диму... И именно таким.

Если бы ты смогла прислать свои координаты (телефон, скайп и т.д.), то иногда мы могли бы поговорить и повидаться.

Целую тебя, моя хорошая.


Ivan Stepanov; Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Zdravstvuite Alla,

mama tol'ko chto peredala mne pechal'nuyu novost'. Ya khotel by prinesti svoi soboleznovania - ya ne zabyvaiu vas i ochen' blagodaren za gostepriimstvo, kotoroe vy i Dima mne okazali,kogda ya byl v Barcelone. Ya dumaiu, ya nichego skazat' ne mogu, krome kak pozhelat' vam vnutrennykh sil v etot trudnyi chas.

Krepko obnimaiu,


Dolors Mateu; 2014-02-05 5:15 GMT-06:00

Hola Alla,

Aqui estan los links para leer la letra de la cancion que proponen tocar y cantar los investigadores del Grupo de Dima.

Monica Marro (que hizo la tesis con Dima) le gustaria cantarla para él, y su hermano Jesus, que tambien hizo el proyecto de Master con Dima, tocaria el piano.

Si te parece bien, se podria tocar en el medio de la ceremonia.

Si quieres lo podemos comentar, a mi me parece muy buena idea la propuesta.

Ya me diras, tu tienes la ultima palabra.


Elena Laukhina; 2014-02-05 6:41 GMT-06:00

Allochka, posylayu tebe soboleznobaniya ot Cun i Jaume, kotorye ya poluchila vchera. My im ne soobschali o konchine Dimy. Mne ochen' ponravilsya tvoi syn, takoi krasivyi i sil'nyi muzhchina i tak vse tonko chuvstvuet - eto, nesomnenno tvoya gordost' i tvoi yakor'!!!


Jaume Veciana; Martes, 4 de Febrero 2014 14:16:46

Querida Elena:

Me acabo de enterar del fallecimiento de Dima. Por favor transmite nuestro mas sentido pesame a Alla de parte mia y de Concepcio. Lamento no poder acompañar a Alla en el funeral pero tanto Cun como yo estamos fuera de Barcelona esta semana.

Un abrazo


Владислав, Аня; 2014-02-05 4:50 GMT-06:00

Мне Григорий передал грустное известие ...

Нам всем очень жаль .... Извините, других слов написать не получается. Андрею передаете от меня мои соболезнования.

Beate Saeg. Santos; Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 8:05 PM

Querida guerreira!

We heard that our friend Dmitri crossed to the other dimension of light and we are very sad here in Recife. I believe that our real existence is in the spiritual life and he is now strugling to understand that and to adjust to his new form of living. We can help him by praying and wishing him a good vibration... Estou orando por ele...

I would like to be there with you and to comfort you... be strong as you were allways...

um grande abraço apertado em ti querida Alla

Please call us whenever you need us...

Beate, Adriana, Giovannia

Anderson Gomes. Santos; Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 6:34 PM

Dear Alla

Long time we don't talk, but never forgot you and dear Dima. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. I am sure your are going through hard time, and wish we were there at your side. When I read that Dima passed away, I could not hold my tears. Our time together (you included) is unforgettable.

Me, Dalva, Junior and André ( and now Junior's wife and 6 years old daughter) will be praying for you.

I will call you tomorrow.

With love

Anderson and Dalva

Silvia Carrasco; 2014-02-04 16:35 GMT-06:00

Estimada Alla

Sé que no hay nada que pueda decir ahora mismo que pueda lograr disminuir el dolor y la tristeza de estos durísimos momentos.

No estás sola en este dolor. Como sabes muy bien, todos los ICFOnianos echaremos infinitamente de menos a la increíble e irrepetible persona que nos ha enseñado tantas y tantas cosas profesional y personalmente, y cuyo vacío será imposible de llenar. Te acompaño en el sentimiento de todo corazón, y estoy a tu entera disposición para cualquier cosa que puedas necesitar. Lo que sea.

Un muy fuerte abrazo

Silvia Carrasco

Ольга Лебедева; 2014-02-04 7:43 GMT-06:00

Дорогая и любимая наша Аллочка!

С большой печалью и болью узнали о смерти Димы. Мы выражаем тебе наше сочувствие. И нам так жаль, что Димы больше нет с нами.

Мы всегда любили Диму. Дима всегда останется с нами , в наших сердцах.

Мы хотели ли сейчас быть рядом с тобой, чтобы хотя немного смягчить твою боль.

Но к большому нашему сожалению, у нас нет сейчас нового паспорта и шенгенской визы.

Аллочка, мы хотим тебе сказать, что ты всегда можешь опереться на нас, можешь приехать к нам и пожить у нас, чтобы хотя бы первое время пережить боль утраты не одной, а вместе с друзьями.

Аллочка, мы сейчас рядом с тобой!

Рая Савинова просила передать свои соболезнования.

Prof. Dr. Jens Biegert; Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 4:35 AM

Dear Alla,

We hope that we are not intruding by sending you an email, but Dobryna and I wanted to send you our sincerest condolences for your loss! We really do not know what to say or how to express ourselves... Also we can only imaging how you and your family must feel now. We wanted to tell you that we are feeling with you and if you need anything or want to talk or meet at any time, we are here for you!

Dobryna and I both really feel in a state of shock about your husband being gone. At the end, we did not meet often, and we are even more sad that we have not managed to invite you finally to our home, but we have all lost a truly good human being and a close friend.

In case you find it appropriate, we would very much like to show our respect by attending the funeral service.

Sincerely yours,

Dobryna Zalvidea and Jens Biegert

Anne Gstottner; 2014-02-04 3:35 GMT-06:00

Querida Alla,

Qué triste nos hemos puesto todos al escuchar la triste noticia hoy por la mañana! Qué pena tan grande!

Dima era un hombre muy querido y respetado. Un muy buen hombre.

Siento mucho por ti y los tuyos.

Por si necesitas cualquier cosa dímelo.

Un abrazo muy fuerte y todas mis condolencias


Susana Horvath; 2014-02-04 2:17 GMT-06:00

Querida Alla,

Mis más sinceras condolencias. Le echaré mucho de menos, no lo olvidaré nunca.

Entiendo de Raul que tu hijo llegará hoy y los familiares de Dima mañana.

Avísame si necesitas cualquier cosa.

Un abrazo muy fuerte,


Rios; Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 1:41 PM

Dear Alla,

As Jose Tabosa told you we, here in Brazil-Recife,

received the news about the passing of Dima with great sorrow.

We join you to keep the good memories from him with us.

I shall praise the happy moments of you two

with us in Recife and Olinda and Pau Amarelo.

Muitas saudades,


José Tabosa; Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 8:55 AM

Dear Alla,

We at the Physics Department of UFPE mourn very much the early death of our colleague and friend Dima. I was informed by Hugues on the sad news few hours before my talk at the XIV Jorge André Swieca School held here in Recife, so I decided to dedicate it in his honour, as a recognition of the great importance he have had in my professional carrier (please see the attached file) .

It was a great loss for us and for the physics and I just would like to transmit you my deepest condolences.

Jose Tabosa

José Tabosa's talk at the XIV Jorge André Swieca School

Светлана и Андрей Царевы; 2014-02-15 7:59 GMT-06:00

Дорогая Алла,

Сегодня мы узнали о постигшей Вас огромной утрате.

Дмитрий Васильевич был долгие годя для Андрея не только научным руководителем, но и образцом высокой научной преданности и высшей квалификации, примером на который нужно равняться. Он задал импульс, который позволяет всем его ученикам двигаться в правильном направлении.

Дмитрий Васильевич на всегда останется в нашей памяти таким, каким мы его помним по этим фотографиям из архива 21 лаборатории, где начиналась его научная карьера.

Мы скорбим вместе с Вами,

Пусть земля будет ему пухом,

Искренне Ваши

Светлана и Андрей Царевы

Eduardo Falcao; 2014-02-18 21:47 GMT-06:00

Querida Alla

Só agora consegui seu email. Eu sei bem que não tem nada que se possa dizer nesses momentos, mas dada a relação que tinha com você e com o prof Dmitri, eu tive que escrever para dizer o quanto fiquei sentido com a notícia e que estou à disposição caso você precise de alguma coisa. Dmitri foi mais que um professor e orientador para mim, mais até que um amigo e um exemplo, e vocês dois sempre foram extremamente amáveis e próximos, grandes exemplos para mim em várias esferas da minha vida.

Por favor, dê notícias quando possível.